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USA Visas

The US visa system is complicated and unforgiving if you get it wrong. The government has strict border entry polices.


If you have criminal convictions (including drinking & driving) no matter how long ago or how minor then your pathway to get a US visa will be complicated. Quite often a character waiver case is required along with an interview at the US Embassy. These waivers are processed in the US and take a long time to be decided. Global Visas have expertise in this area and can help navigate you through the process. The same applies if your US visa has been declined or you have been refused entry.


New Zealand passport holders applying for an ESTA is usually a straightforward process (although time consuming). Any criminal convictions automatically mean you cannot apply for an ESTA and you should take advice.


Watch out for bogus websites claiming to be official ESTA sites or charging fees upfront for US visa advice.


If you want to work, study, live or invest in the US then you will need expert advice. There are long queues for US visas so don’t delay talking to us if you want to arrive in the US on time.

We manage USA visa applications for:


  • ESTAs

  • Visitor Visas

  • Business Visas

  • Treaty Visas

  • Student Visas

  • Investor Visas

  • Transit Visas

  • Green Cards


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