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Canada Visas

Canada is an attractive destination for travellers. Young Kiwis take working holidays in Canada. International students in New Zealand are looking at Canada as a place to visit, study or live since New Zealand tightened post study visa pathways.


In recent years the Canadian government has increased border controls and added complex visitor visa rules. If you cannot satisfy an Immigration Officer your visit is genuine then the risk of being declined is very high.


A large pool of people are applying for residence under the Express Entry Programme but many fail because they don’t understand the rules around the points system.


Visa applications are not processed in New Zealand. There are no officials locally to discuss your application with before or after you apply. Make a mistake and you risk wasting time and money. In every application a biometric process is required (photo and fingerprints stored in powerful government computers and shared with other countries).


If you have criminal convictions; a history of visa refusals; been stopped at the border; overstayed a visa of any country, then your visa journey will be complex.


Take advice from the Canada visa experts at Global Visas. 

We manage Canada visa applications for:


  • Express Entry

  • Visitor Visas

  • Business Visas

  • Student Visas

  • Work Visas

  • Working Holiday Visas

  • Family Visas (Partners or children of Canadian citizens/residents)


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